Public Relation Officer

As the elected Public Relations Officer, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow firefighters in having the confidence in me to perform the duties needed for the position.

In working with our Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, the remaining executive body and of course our membership of 36 very competent and reliable firefighters, my main objective is to utilize all available media to promote the Torbay Volunteer Fire Department. As most of the residents of community are aware of our highly professional trained members, and the emergency services that we provide, it will be an ongoing task to keep everyone informed of any changes to equipment and ongoing training that we are involved in on a regular basis.

While involving myself as an active member within the Fire Department and our community and using various modes of correspondence to all public and fire related mediums, I plan to have monthly updates available for all to read. The combined efforts of our fire department and our town councils will truly be the key to success.

I certainly encourage any and all, to express your opinions, suggestions or concerns. 

Greg Power
Public Relations Officer
Torbay Volunteer Fire Department