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As a 100% volunteer fire department with no staff at the station full time, many people wonder what happens when you pick up the phone to call 911 in the Torbay/Flatrock area. 

Here is what happens:

  1. Call is received by St. John's Regional Fire Department 911 Communication center.

  2. Dispatcher on duty determines the nature and location of the emergency call.

  3. The 911 dispatcher contacts the TVFD via a direct line, which also causes all of our firefighters pagers to simultaneously activate.

  4. The TVFD obtains the following information: Incident type, location, name, telephone number and any other information the dispatcher can provide.

  5. At this point, all department members are making their way to the station in their own vehicles.  Of course, we still have to follow all traffic rules and obey all posted speed limits.

  6. As we arrive we gear up and get on the appropriate trucks.  Once a full crew has arrived for the first out vehicle, that vehicle departs the station.  Other required vehicles will leave the station as they reach adequate crews.

  7. While en route the TVFD contacts the 911 dispatcher by radio to confirm the address and get any additional information that the dispatcher may have received since the original call.

  8. We arrive at the incident ready to go.

You can help us speed up our response times by following these simple tips: